Monday, July 03, 2006

Cheaper isn't always inferior

For years I have used a terrific Internet Service Provider (ISP) - - Highstream.Net - - that costs me $8.95 a month and delivers unfailing good service. Before I found Highstream I paid as much as $23.00 per month and grumbled often about poor technical support, rigid email rules, and uncertain local access numbers when I traveled around the country.

Good old Highstream has friendly, competent, FREE tech support 7 days a week, unlike most other inexpensive ISP's which either offer no tech help or charge exorbitant rates by the minute. It has over 7,000 local acccess numbers around the nation that always seem to work well. And it offers 4 email addresses per account. I strongly recommend Highmstream! Try it: you'll like it. Tell them sent you.


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